Sandbox WordPress theme for 2.7 with threaded comments

The Sandbox WordPress theme is a nice bare bones theme which can be easily used as a base to your own themes (preferably with a style.css file only, following the zen). The only problem is that its development is kinda frozen and it does not support new WordPress 2.7 features like threaded and paged comments.

There are already some hacks to support them but I decided to take another approach. Since the comment loop was changed drastically, those hacks had to… well, hack away in order to keep backward compatibility with Sandbox-based themes. Instead, I decided to embrace the new comment loop in WP (which is simple and doesn’t allow much customization without resorting to the hackish callback, but it generates code very close to what Sandbox does).

If you like the idea, feel free to download my customization (just overwrite the comments.php and header.php in Sandbox). You’ll probably have to tweak your previous themes a little, though.

Tip: if you want do get rid of the “says:” in the comments (e.g. “Alice says:”), put this in your stylesheet:

.says { display: none; }

…and I’ve not activated it in this blog for now, since it barely gets comments. Sorry, no live preview 🙂